Need an Alternative to Midaco Pallet Changers?  Fastems Pallet Changers?

Need a No Hassle Pallet Changer System?

Want a Pallet Changer, Pallet Shuttle System, Pallet Storage Solution designed for your application; No extras to buy; No "One Size Fits All" Systems; Something that is functional to your systems, cost effective and reliable, American made?

Factory Automation, Industrial Automation, Machining Automation

Pallet Automation,

Automated Part Shuttle, Machine Retrofit.

Factory Automation, Industrial Automation, Automated Part Shuttle, Pallet Automation, Machine Retrofit using Rotary Tables or Pallet Automation is what Rusach International specializes in.  Our Rotary Tables, Pallet Automation and Metrology solutions are all USA Designed, Engineered and Manufactured.

Rusach International has the capabilities to work directly for you or in collaboration with other Automation Professionals as a group project. Our engineering department has the background, training and experience you need.  We are experts with large and or Heavy parts!  But we can do small machines and parts also.  Automation is our business!  Need an existing Machine Retrofit?  Let our experts show you how.

Rotary Tables:

Add a Forth and or a Fifth Axis to your machines capability.  Save on machine Setup Time;   Machine Retrofit for existing machines, no problem;   Add to new machines;   Any configuration possible;   100mm to 8 meter is our size range;   Experts with Large Rotary Tables, Multi-Axis Tables & Hi Load Capacity Tables;   +/-1 Arc Second Accuracy achievable on most applications;   Lights Out Operation;   Highly Accurate Positioning;   Highly Accurate Indexing;  Independent Controllers as an Option;   Designed and Built for your Application;   For Machining, Inspecting, Assembly & Testing Applications.

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Pallet Automation:

Rusach International is your Specialist in Pallet Automation, Industrial Automation, Plant Automation!

Our Pallet Automation Systems work on any brand or model of machine:   We can designs systems to work on any combination of different machines;   Systems can be expandable for future growth;   Any layout possible;   Plenty of room for the operator;   Heavy Duty Design;  Front, Rear or Side Load;   Chain Drive;   Safety Features included;  Any number of Pallets;   Self Cleaning with Wipers;   Chip/Coolant Tray;                 3 Modes: Full Automatic, Full Manual or Semi Automatic;   Locating pins are all Hardened and Ground & Mastered!   Pallets are Mechanically Clamped and will not move;   Controller to handle the Pallet System;  Lights Out Operation;   Stand alone Pallet Changers;  Automated Rail Guided Vehicles;  Retrofit old & new machines;   Complete Systems for Loading/Unloading, Transfer and Storage can be Designed & Engineered for your specific application.

All Rusach International Pallet Automation Systems are self contained and controlled.  We will need access to Power and Air Supply.  We will also run a discrete line to machine controller so that each knows what the other is doing.

Many Options are available!  Fully Customizable per your application;   Door Automation;   Light Curtains;   Paint Color;   Walkways, Fencing & Guards;   Fixturing;   Clamping & Work Holding;   Other plant required Safety Options;  Orientation Stations;   Setup Stations;   Hold Stations:   Pallet and or Part Identification Systems;   Inspection Stations;   Pallet Transfer Systems;   Pallet/Part Storage Systems.

Industries Served:  Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Off-Road, Agriculture, Mining: Oil & Gas, General Machining, Laser, 3D Additive Manufacturing, Welding

No one Has More Experience with Large/Heavy Parts

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If you have a challenging Factory Automation, Plant Automation, Pallet Automation problem in efficient machining or efficient parts movement, involving Rotary Tables, Milling Machine Tables, Heavy Machining, Large Part Machining or Holding, Injection Mold Tables, Linear Tables, Aerospace Assembly Systems, Machining Automation Systems, Inspection Tables, Linear Tables, Indexing Tables, Pallet Transfer/Storage Systems…

Call Rusach International where Every Challenge Has A Solution.

Rusach International

is your alternative for Midaco Pallet Changers and Fastems Pallet Changers!  Give us a call!

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