Rotary Table Applications - Rotary Table Specialist

Rotary Table Specialist, Large Horizontal Rotary TableWe design rotary table applications like this large Vertical Traveling Rotary Table that has additional part supports provided by Rusach International, due to length of part.  Rotary Table Specialist for over 60 years!

Rotary Table Specialist, Large Tilting FixtureOn a larger scale, we have designed rotary table applications for Diesel engine manufacturers to assist with the manipulation of the large engine blocks.  These solutions eliminated two set up fixtures and established manufacturing times less than half of the original process.  The additional benefit came with being able to machine the complete block in one set up, which provided more accurate parts being produced.

Rotary Table SpecialistThis configuration was supplied with two vertical 5 – 10 D1000 rotary tables and both were driven via a common drive shaft.  The complete rotary table application has an overall length of 6000mm (19.69 feet) and is installed on a milling machine.Then for some of the smaller blocks in this facility, a slightly different solution was provided.  In this situation, a master / slave execution was used to allow a full 360° rotation of the block.

Rotary Table SpecialistTo reflect the range of design capabilities at Rusach International the application below went for use in the laser industry.  The tabletop size on this project was 250mm (10 inch) and allowed the accurate positioning of the part for laser cutting.

Rotary Table SpecialistModel 2/5 D1600 mm vertical rotary table. It can be used in a vertical application as shown, or in a Vertical position with an angle plate.

Rotary Table SpecialistThis is a Ø4000 rotary table that can position +/- 20 arc seconds and has turning capabilities.  Installed on a large VTL.  One of our “Specialties”.

Automatic Pallet Changers - Pallet Automation Applications

 Automatic Pallet Changers System Applications:  Double level storage that services three machining centers.  Pallet loader, Transfer/Shuttle & Storage capabilities.Automatic Pallet Changers

 Automatic Pallet ChangersSmall Automatic Pallet Loader System installed on a machining center.  Automatic Pallet Changers.

 Automatic Pallet ChangersAutomatic Pallet Changers System Application: Pallet Loader, Transfer/Shuttle System, connecting two 5-axis machining centers.

 And of course, we have a full line of import, standard small, medium & large tables that are High Accuracy, Production Style machines also…Rotary Table Applications and Pallet System Applications

Metrology Systems & Solutions Applications

Rotary Table Applications and Pallet System ApplicationsInspection, Assembly & Testing Systems from small to “very large”, Rusach International can handle all your Rotary Table Inspection, Assembly and Testing System’s needs…

 Rotary Table Applications and Pallet System Applications4000mm Air Bearing table used in Satellite Assembly

Rotary Table Applications and Pallet System ApplicationsThe installation below used a 2500mm Rotary Traveling Table with 4000mm of stroke. We built 15,000mm tall translations towers for another vendor to install an X-ray Tomography Inspection system, used in non-destructive testing Rocket Bodies.

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