8-Series: Pallet Shuttle Systems

400 mm thru 4,000mm

Pallet Shuttle Systems, Modular Pallet Systems & Flexible Manufacturing Systems, FMS Pallet Shuttle Systems, Large Pallet Shuttle Systems

Ideal for very large part shuttling such as Aerospace parts!

Pallet Shuttle Systems in General

Proven and tested pallet automation, modular pallet systems, pallet shuttle systems, for manufacturing cells and FMS systems (Flexible Manufacturing Systems).  Equally suitable for new machines as well as the upgrading of existing installations.  Factory automation with pallet shuttle systems are one of our specialties!  We can also incorporate a pallets storage solution for your application.


Suitable for all CNC or NC machines on the market including vertical turning machines (VTL's), measuring machines, as well as individual stand alone machines.  Ideal for large bridge and gantry machines.  Ideal for the Aerospace industry and large part shuttling.  We have solutions for pallet shuttle automation, pallet changers, manufacturing cells and flexible manufacturing systems.


Pallet shuttle automation, modular pallet systems, pallet shuttle systems and FMS pallet systems are produced from high quality materials and workmanship.  The drive, switch and control elements are quality-approved articles for performance confidence.  Installations incorporate a self contained hydraulic system where required.


Can be furnished according to DIN, ISO or factory standards.  Other manufacturers pallets can also be transported.


Systems are provided with basic controls to facilitate pallet changes, pallet shuttling, hold & set-up locations, QC locations, maintenance locations as well as others in full manual, full automatic or partial automatic modes.  Cell scheduler and cell controllers are also available.  Systems are supplied to customer requirements or with suitable interface to suit existing system and OEM requirements.  Pallet shuttle automation is one of our specialties!


Systems are supplied with necessary foundation hardware.  Our skilled personnel will commission the installation or provide turnkey solutions if required.

Available Options

  • Hand Scraped Pallet Top Surface
  • Customized Pallets. (Dimension, Slot Arrangement, Bolt Pattern etc)
  • Pnuematics
  • Various Motors, Drives and Gear Boxes
  • Other Accuracies
  • Single and Multi-Level Storage Solutions
  • Rail Guided
  • Pallet Changers
  • Various Pallet Sizes and Shapes
  • Hold Stations, Set-Up Stations, QC Stations, Maintenance Locations
  • RFID can be Incorporated
  • Customized Interface to Other Pallet Changer & Shuttle Systems
  • Capability to Design and Manufacture Very Large Pallet Shuttle Systems used in Aerospace Machining
  • PLC Based Control or PC Based Supervision
  • Peripherals: Work Piece Clamping System, Safety Fences, Chip Conveyor, Light Curtains, Orientation Stations, Flip Stations, Rail Guided Vehicles and Flip-Up Pallet Designs.
For other specifications please contact our Technical department. The rights for technical modifications are reserved.

Pallet Automation, Pallet Changers, CNC Pallet Changers,

Pallet Shuttle Systems

Modular Pallet Systems, Flexible Manufacturing Systems,

Pallet Storage Solutions

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Pallet Shuttle System, Flexible Manufacturing Pallet Systems
Large pallet shuttle system
Pallet Shuttle System, Flexible Manufacturing Pallet Systems
4m x 7m rail guided dual pallet shuttle for aerospace manufacturing

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