Pallet Changer & FMS

8 Series: Pallet Changers & Flexible Manufacturing Systems

630 mm thru 2,500 mm

Need an alternative for Midaco Pallet Changers, Fastems Pallet Changers?

Need a Pallet Automation System that is Expandable?

8-Series: Pallet Changer, Compact Pallet Changers, FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems), Loading Stations, Supply Stations, Hold Stations, Set up Stations are customizable, expandable, designed and engineered to your application, no extras to purchase.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA!

Loading stations; supply stations, unload stations; double loading stations, rotating supply stations, compact pallet changers, setup stations, hold stations, pallet changer and full flexible manufacturing systems designed & engineered for your application!

Rail guided vehicles, pallet storage, ideal for multiple machine installations.  Our systems work on existing machine installations or we can work with your machine builder for turn key units & systems.  Our systems can work on multiple brand, multiple type & models of machines.

We specialize in Large and or Heavy parts, Large Machine Applications. 

How Big Do You Need?

Compact Pallet Changers

Do you have a small part, light weight production part?  Let our Engineers design a Compact Pallet Changer System for you.  Keep your machine, "machining" with Rusach International Compact Pallet Changers.

Please review the Rusach Mini side by side pallet changer page for light weight parts and small to medium sized milling, drilling and tapping machines.

Rusach International is your Alternative to

Midaco Pallet Changers & Fastems Pallet Changers

Please visit our Applications page for pictures of some of the more interesting

pallet automation jobs we have done!

Pallet changer, compact pallet changer
In line pallet changer on a small VTL
Pallet changer, flexible manufacturing system
Pallet Automation for a VTL
Pallet changer, flexible manufacturing system
Traditional style pallet changer
Pallet changer, flexible manufacturing system
Twin loader pallet system for HBMs
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