5 Series: Vertical Rotary Tables - Range A

4th Axis Rotary Tables

200 mm thru 800 mm

5 Series: Vertical Rotary Tables - Range B

4th Axis Rotary Tables

800 mm thru 2,000 mm

Vertical Rotary Tables, 4th Axis Rotary Table
Made in the USA
Vertical Rotary Tables, 4th Axis Rotary Table
Made in the USA

The Rusach Advantages


Rusach International vertical rotary tables, 4th axis rotary tables are suitable for heavy machining and metrology applications, with high accuracies and heavy load capabilities.  Larger diameters designed upon request.


Preloaded axial-radial roller bearings are incorporated, to provide high rigidity in both planes. Sensitivity and fine positioning are ensured as well as high accuracy and high load capability.


Distortion free passive clamping by preloaded spring elements and hydraulic release make Rusach International vertical rotary tables & 4th axis rotary tables ideal for heavy machining and high load applications.

Measuring Systems

Standard mechanical accuracy of +/- 15.0 Arc Seconds.  High precision Heidenhain encoders are offered for increased accuracies to +/-1.0 arc seconds.


DC and AC  servo motors.


The modular design permits freedom to match application requirements. The worm gear drive is specially configured for maximum torque and minimum (adjustable) backlash.  Our vertical rotary tables and 4th axis rotary tables are designed to last!

Available Options

  • Hand Scraped Table Top Surface
  • Customized Table Top
  • Work Piece Clamping System
  • Alternative Measuring Systems made by Heidenhain. i.e. (ROD 800 or Inductosyn)
  • A Horizontal and Vertical Version can be Supplied. (Dual Purpose/Convertible)
  • Air Inlet for Internal Pressurization
  • Various Motors and Intermediate Gear Boxes
  • Prepared for Linear Axis (Saddle)
  • Hydraulic Unit for the Clamping System
  • Other Paint Surface Finishes
  • NC Systems to Suit Your Application
  • Tail Stock Assemblies
  • Various Platen Shape and Sizes
  • Part Supports
  • Larger Diameters, Heavier Load Capacities Quoted on Request

Standard Resolution
.0001 degree (others on request)

Standard Accuracy
+/- 15 arc seconds, higher accuracy on request

Painted Surface Finish
RAL color range in textured surface finish

For other specifications please contact our Technical department. The rights for technical modifications are reserved.

View our applications page for pictures of some of the more interesting Rotary Table

projects we have done!

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