Rotary Table Design, Engineering & Manufacturing

Pallet System Design, Engineering & Manufacturing

At Rusach International, rotary table design, engineering and manufacturing & pallet system design, engineering and manufacturing is our specialty. We can supply rotary tables from 100mm up to 8 Meters in diameter.  See our rotary table pages.  We specialize in high accuracy, up to +/- 1 arc second, heavy load capacity, large work pieces, production style, heavy duty rotary tables and pallet shuttle/storage/transfer systems.  We also have a line of standard small production tables that are very cost effective, yet can be customized per application.

Rotary Table Design
Gear for a 3,500mm Rotary Table. 11-1/2 feet in diameter!

We Design, Engineer & Manufacture a System Based on Your Application.

Rusach International systems are not proprietary and therefore can be integrated into any machine, control system or application. We do not believe in “locking” a customer down with proprietary parts!  We work with all the major industry control, motor and encoder manufacturers.

Rusach International engineering and technical personnel have the experience, background and training to solve your challenges!

Every Challenge Has A Solution

Rotary Table Design - Pallet System Design, Engineering & Manufacturing


Rotary Table Design - Pallet System Design
Pallet Changer with Rail Guided Vehicle pallet shuttle system
Rotary Table Design
3200mm 120 degree indexing table used in an Injection Molding machine
Rotary Table Design - Pallet System Design
Flexible Manufacturing System
Pallet System Design
Pallet Loader for a double level pallet storage system


  • Tire Mold Manufacturing Plant
  • Customer built a new plant to machine tire molds.
  • The building was almost the length of a Football field.
  • Our application was to organize the process flow from one end of the building to the opposite end.


  • Type 8-10D1250 pallet shuttle & storage system.
  • FMS serviced 13 machines of different brands and models.
  • (2) different pallet diameters.
  • Double level storage system for space saving design.
  • Rail Guided Vehicle served 48 separate storage locations and included 52 pallets.
  • Raw material started at one end of the plant & finished product packaged at the other end.


  • Increased productivity thru greatly reduced manufacturing times.
  • Overall process went from 8 weeks, to 8 days.
  • Complete Design & Engineering solution.
  • Turn-Key System.
Pallet System Design
Pallet Changer with a 2 position shuttle


  • The application was to increase production and achieve a 2 minute chip to chip machining time.
  • Maintain a positioning accuracy of +/-.05mm.
  • Pallet change was integrated as fully automatic at the end of the machining cycle.


  • Type 8-12 1500mm x 2000mm pallet shuttle system.
  • A single drive mechanism to transfer the pallets in & out of the machine.
  • A (2) position shuttle allowed for the movement of the completed part back to the load/unload position by the control panel of the machine.


  • Increased productivity thru greatly reduced pallet exchange times.
  • Increased part quality & reduced part scrap due to greater accuracy.
  • Minimum space required for this system.
  • Complete Design & Engineering solution.
  • Turn-Key System.
Rotary Table Design
Tilting Table used in large Diesel Engine machining


  • Large diesel engine block machining
  • Customer wanted (1) set-up to machine both the heads and cylinder bores.
  • System needed to provide access to the oil passages in the center of the engine block.


  • (2) 5-10D1000 Vertical Rotary Tables on the ends of the table
  • Large flat table area to mount fixturing & engine blocks to.
  • Single drive connected both verticals for smooth synchronized movement.
  • Feedback system connected direct to the axis of rotation for positional accuracy.


  • Increased productivity thru greatly reduced set-up & machining time.
  • Tables supplied customized to customers control interface designed to minimize customers installation & commissioning time.
  • Increased part reliability & machining reliability.
  • Complete Design & Engineering solution.
  • Turn-Key system.

Please visit our Applications page for pictures of some of the more interesting

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