Air Bearing Rotary Table Series

100mm thru 1,200 mm

Air Bearing Rotary Table Series

2,000 mm thru 5,000 mm

Air Bearing Rotary Tables
Made in the USA
Air Bearing Rotary Tables
Made in the USA

Air Bearing Rotary Table Series

Rusach International Air Bearing Rotary Tables are designed specifically for Metrology, Inspection and Assembly applications

Please see our Circular Geometric Inspection System capabilities on our Metrology page!

2 Basic Styles

Air Bearing (Free Spin) with manual turning and stopping of the platen or Servo Motor Driven.  Both ride on a cushion of air.

Air Bearing with Free Spin:

  • Manual spinning and stopping of the table required
  • Used on smaller tables with lighter weight parts
  • Basic simple quick measurements, TIR for example

Servo Motor Driven:

  • Servo Motor spins and stops the table
  • Can be quoted with a controller
  • For more advanced inspection operations where indexing the part might be required
  • Suggested for heavier weight parts and larger diameter tables

The Rusach Advantages

  • Air Bearing Rotary Tables, Table Top and Work Load are Supported on Air Bearings whose Freedom from Friction Contributes to Extremely High Positional Accuracy
  • Our Air Bearing Rotary Tables are "Free Spinning" Tables.  Drive Motors are an Available Option, per Your Application
  • An Interlocking Switch is used when Motors are Incorporated to Prevent the Table Top from Moving when the Air Supply is Turned Off.  When the Air Supply is Turned Off, the Table Top Sits Firmly on our Cast Base with an Extremely High Accuracy of Parallelism Between the Base and Table Top
  • Rusach International Air Bearing Rotary Tables are Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
  • See our “Metrology Page” for Circular Geometric Inspection Systems
  • See our 2-Series Horizontal NC Rotary Table Range C Air for Large Diameter (2,000mm to 5,000mm) Air Bearing Rotary Tables


Rotary tables specifically developed for use in Metrology applications.  CMM tables, inspection tables, assembly tables.  Range of sizes 100mm thru 5,000mm.  Larger on request.


Air bearing rotary tables, when rotating, the table top and work load are supported on air bearings whose freedom from friction contributes to the extremely high positional accuracy.  High precision needle roller bearing maintains radial accuracy.

Table Top

Machined to your specifications.  T-Slots, bolt pattern or smooth top.

Measuring Systems

Standard mechanical accuracy of +/- 15.0 Arc Seconds.  High precision Heidenhain encoders are offered for increased accuracies to +/-1.0 arc seconds.


Free spin for hand rotation supplied with a turning ring.  Motors are an option if required.


High grade stabilized cast iron base and rotary platen ensure rigidity and precision.

Air Preparation Unit

Supplied with each table.  On/off Switch controls the compressed air supply to the table.  Interlocking ensures that the motor drive can only operate if the air supply is on.  When air supply is off, table sits firmly on the base casting with extremely high accuracy of parallelism between the top surface and the underside of the base.


  • Free Standing Floor Mounted
  • Table Top Models for inspection rooms
  • Complete Geometric Circular Inspection Systems Available
  • Independent Controllers
  • Heidenhain Encoders for Increased Accuracy
  • Optional RAL Paint Colors
  • Work Piece Clamping Systems
  • Various Platen Shape and Sizes
  • Customized Table Tops, T-Slots, Smooth or Bolt Hole Pattern
  • Solutions Designed, Engineered and Manufactured to Your Specific Application
For other specifications please contact our Technical department. The rights for technical modifications are reserved.

Contact Rusach International for your Air Bearing Rotary Table Requirements!

View our applications page for pictures of some of the more interesting

Rotary Tables we have done!

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